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Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 years on...

10 years ago today I was sitting in an A Level English Literature class, probably bored, unaware of the horror that millions of people in New York City were starting their day to.

I was home in time and glued to BBC News channel to see both the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Centre and also to see them fall, as well as hearing the news of a further strike on the pentagon and when flight 93 came down. I was rendered shocked, with my heart in my throat watching through television one of the most horrendous events of my generation.

I cannot even begin to imagine what the people affected by it went through.

To those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001, whether you were in or around the Twin Towers, one of the many emergency workers, innocent passengers on board all of the crashed planes or someone whom lost a loved one on this day 10 years ago, you will not be forgotten.

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