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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where on earth have you been...

I know I have not posted in a while, I can only apologise about that. There has been some family problems that needed to be dealt with in the last couple of weeks. Not to mention the emotional effects that has had.

Long story short, my husband's parents have split up and the sh*t (pardon my French) that has been stirred up and needed to be dealt with has had to take precedent. And naturally it has caused many a stressed hair tug, emergency trip to the bank, crying spells, crazy woman rants, etc.

I was away all last week staying at my Mother-in-laws to help sort out some problems as well as help take care of a very energetic 10 month old baby! Suffice to say, even though I lugged my laptop, writing stuff, notepads, and 10 books over there (on the bus with a weeks worth of clothes I might add!), I did not get any writing done and I managed to read a grand total of 8... pages (!) over the whole week.
Quite simply it was exhausting!

But I'm back at my desk today, I have a few reviews ready to be posted that I will get around to as soon as I can. I managed to escape from the divorce drama/crazy baby hole that I was in and attend the New Voices writing workshop at Fulham library held by the fabulous Heidi Rice last night. I have pages of hastily scrawled notes that I will be blogging about later today.

Obviously, there may be times over the coming months that there will be more things to be dealt with that may take me away from this. But don't worry, I will be around just not as [virtually] often as usual!

On one last note (I tweeted this at the weekend but I'm going to repeat it here) I just want to say -

If you love your husband/wife/partner/etc tell them so EVERY day, and always be open and honest with each other. But if your unhappy, for whatever reason, don't ever be afraid to speak up or make changes.


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  1. Aw, hugs for the nasty stuff you've had to deal with but yay on getting to play with baby for a week :-] That's pretty much my favourite past time!!

    Hope the next few months are easier for you to deal with. Remember, when things get hard you have tons of people who are only a tweet away xxx