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Monday, 5 September 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #169

His Christmas Bride - Helen Brooks
Mills and Boon Modern
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2007
ISBN: 9780263853735

My rating

From the back cover:

"The billionaire's bride--by Christmas!
Blossom was not the type to attract eligible rich men and keep them--her marriage lasted six months before her husband dumped her...on Christmas Eve!
So when Zak Hamilton--a billionaire businessman--demanded a date, she was determined not to get involved. But Zak found Blossom's modesty a challenge. In fact, he decided he would claim her as his bride--by Christmas!"

I'm sticking with the Modern line for the time being.

The heroine Blossom is determined to succeed in her career and at 34 years old and after a disastrous marriage she has decided that love and relationships are not for her. She meets the hero Zak, her brother-in-law's boss, when she is looking after her sisters children while her sister is in hospital. She sees Zak as nothing but a charmer and declines his dinner invitations. He persists and she eventually agrees to go out with him. She is disturbed by the effect he has on her rigid control. He makes it clear he desires her but Blossom, still emotionally damaged by her marriage, rejects him. He manages to track her down and asks her out again, telling her he doesn't want to push her into something she is not ready for. They agree to see each other regularly and really get to know one another and as time passes Blossom's feelings for Zak grow. This frightens her as she is terrified of losing control and getting her heart broken again, and she knows she has to end it.

I liked this book, it is a very gentle and warm romance. Both characters are well written and I enjoyed the way the relationship developed between the hero and heroine. It was nice that the male character didn't have too many issues or played games. Although, this book would have been greatly improved by including the hero's point of view.

This is a well crafted and tender book... but it's not a Modern. It just isn't powerful enough, in my opinion, to fit with the Modern/Presents line, it would be better suited to the Romance line.


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