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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #176

The Petrov Proposal - Maisey Yates
Harlequin Presents
In 'Mills & Boon Loves...' Mills and Boon Special Releases
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263889598

My rating

From the back cover:

"Madeline Forrester has never met her boss in person! But Maddy has been secretly seduced by the rich, Russian tones of Aleksei Petrov. They are about to come face to face..."

This is the latest offering by the fabulous Maisey Yates, and the first book in the Mills & Boon Loves... anthology, which by the way is a HUGE book! I was so excited to read this, I had it open almost as soon as it arrived.

The heroine Maddie meets her boss Aleksei, the hero, for the fist time and sparks immediately flow. While working together on an upcoming exhibition for Aleksei's latest jewellery collection, they become more and more drawn to each other. They both fight the attraction as they know any affair they have will be a bad idea. Maddie is especially cautious after a disastrous love affair with her boss in the past, which left her reputation and self confidence in tatters. But it quickly becomes clear that they desire each other more than they can fight, and since neither of them are looking for love they give in. Aleksei is still very much grieving for his beloved late wife, but is shocked at the level of his need for Maddie. As their affair continues Aleksei realises that he needs to distance himself from Maddie as they are both getting deeper involved and he doesn't want to break Maddie's heart.

Once again, another fantastic book from Maisey! I enjoyed it right from the start. This book really does have the perfect blend of emotion and fun, with a little bit of sass thrown in. The star of this show is Maddie; she is a wonderful heroine. I liked that she was not so innocent (and I'm not just talking about her lack of virginity). it gave her a little bit of a bad girl edge but not so much that it's her main character trait. She is also never written as feeling sorry for herself despite her painful childhood and past hurts.
The passion between the hero and heroine is literally smoking! You'll have to read it to find it out for yourself, but let me tell you this - there's a desk involved *fans self*!

Maisey's writing flows beautifully and is wonderfully descriptive (especially the descriptions of the jewellery designs).

Emotional and well crafted, this is a fantastic Modern/Presents.


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