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Friday, 9 September 2011

Top 5 Friday ... Movies

So last week it was books, this week I'm going for movies. I know I could have been a little more adventurous but I thought I would keep it simple for the first few of these 'Top 5' posts.

Without further ado, here they are -


Four Weddings and a Funeral

I agonised over putting this one in. But I really do love it!
This is such a good story that I can even forgive (sort of) the fact that Andie MacDowell is the most wooden actress in the history of the word.
There are some genuinely funny and witty moments, including the first 5 or more minutes of the movie only consisting of the work f**k in a truly British way. It's also very touching.


Star Wars

Now, I am cheating a little here. When I say Star Wars I am counting all three (the original trilogy btw) into one movie. Yes, it's geeky, but I love it and always have. I have watched it too many times to count and never get tired of it. I admit that I'm not as dedicated as some Star Wars fans out there, I'm quite content just to watch the movie and enjoy it. I'm not interested in collecting toys or discuss it at length or talk about Boba Fett as though he's god... I just really like the movies!



It's certainly not a pleasant film to watch, yet at the same time it's very beautiful! Now I admit that I'm not so much into movies now as I was while I was at uni, and this is one of the films that I watched during my 'film buff' days (oh to be a student with nothing else to but sit around watching movies in a big group!). This one just seemed to stick! I love the stylistic aspects of it; the use of garish primary colours, 'the' drawn out injection scene, withdrawal hallucination-baby-on-ceiling, etc. The fact that it is not at all Hollywood-glossed (the Scottish accents causing many an American to scratch their heads!) is also very appealing.
It's also a movie that has a genuine message, and not just 'don't do drugs, kids'!


The Shawshank Redemption

Some people reading this have probably groaned out load at this choice! I know it's one that is always talked about, the critics choice and all that! But there is a reason for it. It is a beautiful film. I adore the message of friendship behind it, and it is an absorbing film.


Forrest Gump

This is the movie equivalent of Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Well I love it, and I don't care that it's rather cheesy and different to the book etc etc. Let me tell you, not many things make me cry (I'm British after all, I wear my stiff upper lip with pride!) and this film, EVERY TIME, chokes me up- of course at the time I insist that it's just something caught in my throat! I have this movie on DVD but each time it is on TV I have to watch it. I like all the pop culture references, even if they are silly, and the fact that it can't really be labelled - it's warm, it's a comedy but it's also a drama etc. A lovely film.

And that's it!
Obviously I want to point out that these are often subject to change! I had a hard time picking these 5, other films that wanted to squeeze in were; The Reader, Rain Man, Amelie, Cast Away, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Born on the Fourth of July, and a few others!!

What are your 'Top 5' movies?


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