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Monday, 4 July 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #79

The Sarantos Secret Baby - Olivia Gates
Harlequin Desire
Harlequin, 2011
ISBN: 9780373730933

N.B. The above details relate to the North American release of this book.

My rating

From the back cover:

"He was as tall and dark as the devil...and was her family's hated adversary. But that didn't stop Selene Louvardis from wanting Aris Sarantos with her every breath. Or grabbing her one chance for a forbidden night with him.
He was never supposed to learn she'd borne his child. But when Aris stormed back into Selene's life and discovered the truth, nothing would stop the ruthless billionaire from claiming his own. Not her family, not the billion-dollar contract at stake and certainly not something as inconvenient as love."

I have read quite a few Desire books and I have always enjoyed them. I find they site perfectly between the Modern and Blaze lines. This book is no exception and it is an enjoyable read.

After the sudden death of her father, the heroine Selene ends up spending the night with the hero Aris, whom happens to be her family's business rival. Both are unsure of how to deal with their affair and they do not make contact again, until Aris is forced to return to deal with a business deal that is in jeopardy due to the pressures from Selene's family. When he sees Selene again he realises that there is unfinished business between them and he still wants her. She rejects his offer leaving him frustrated, but he later discovers that Selene has a 9 month old son, his son. Shocked by these events, Aris demands Selene marries him but Selene makes him realise that he knows nothing about raising a child or commitment. He takes Selene and their son to his home in order to escape from the pressures of work and to get to know them, where he and Selene form a close relationship. But the pressures from business and life are not far behind waiting to tear them apart.

This is a really well written emotional and very passionate romance, that was a pleasure to read. I liked both characters; Selene is independent and strong, so important for a female character (in my opinion). Aris was a true Alpha-male but was also able to admit his weaknesses and shortcomings, oh the perfect mix! One of the aspects I liked most about this book is that Selene didn't apologise or beg for forgiveness for keeping the child a secret, she took responsibility for her actions. This is a different attitude than expected and really refreshing. I also liked how the author built the relationship up over a period of time, this made it believable.
I did find myself very confused during the large chunks of business problems/discussions, I found myself re-reading some sentences.

Overall this is an enjoyable read.


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