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Saturday, 23 July 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #115

The Vengeful Husband - Lynne Graham
Mills and Boon Presents, 1998
Reprinted in 'His Wife, His Revenge' Mills and Boon Special Releases
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2008
ISBN: 9780263869019

My rating

From the back cover:

"Darcy Fielding, a single mom, decides she must ADVERTISE for a husband! But the consequences of one night of unforgettable passion are about to return to haunt her...
Gianluca Raffacani has finally traced the mysterious beauty who disappeared from his bed. She is advertising for a husband - his perfect opportunity for revenge...Only, Luca finds he's married the mother of his secret child!"

A lot of the books I have been reading lately have been published very recently, so I thought I would go for something a little older. I picked up the Special Releases omnibus, as above, a while back at a second hand book stall.

The heroine Darcy is trying to keep her beloved family home afloat, she has an inheritance due but only if she gets married and remains married for at least 6 months. Since she is busy with her home and her young daughter she has no time, or desire, to meet someone, so she decided to advertise for a husband. The hero Luca has been been searching for Darcy for 3 years after they spent the night together and she stole a very valuable ring. When his investigator tells him about Darcy's predicament and her advertisement, Luca sees this as his chance to finally get revenge. Darcy doesn't recognise Luca as the night they spent together she was without her glasses and her eyesight is very poor. When she does finally realise, they are already married and it's too late. At first she believes his anger is over keeping his daughter from him, but when he confronts her about the stolen ring she is shocked.

This is a great book, and considering its 13 years old it doesn't seem dated at all. Lynne Graham has a very unique style and always produces well thought out and interesting books. Both characters are really appealing; I adored Darcy and her very eccentric and calamity prone personality, she is the perfect other half to Luca's alpha-male personality. In my opinion Lynne Graham is a true master at creating alpha-males! There is also enough secrecy and questions in this book to really keep you interested and it ends fantastically.

Thoroughly recommended.


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