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Saturday, 16 July 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #104

The End of Faking it - Natalie Anderson
Mills and Boon RIVA
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263883749

My rating

From the back cover:

"Everyone fakes it. Don't they?
A teenage romance-turned-nightmare has taught Penny Fairburn that faking it is the only way to go. It's not until she meets gorgeous Carter Dodds and his bullet-proof ego that she realises how wrong she's been! Carter can have any woman on a plate, and likes the smorgasbord approach!
But after some scorching nights with Penny, 'no-strings' Carter has changed his tune - Penny's not faking anything in his bed, but getting her to admit her true feelings for him out in the real world is a whole new challenge..."

I really love this cover, it's so bright and fun! I know I have been reading a lot of RIVA's recently but I am really enjoying them, I promise there will be more variety soon! Anyway, about this book... it's awesome!

The hero Carter has agreed to help an old family friend find the employee responsible for stealing company money, and when he find the heroine Penny working late he thinks it's her. After this misunderstanding is cleared up he starts to notice Penny. There is an immediate spark between them but Penny is reluctant to get involved with Carter, she is always in control when it comes to her trysts and recognises that Carter is not the type to let go of control. Penny is still haunted by a relationship in her teen years that went horribly wrong and she has vowed never to get in too deep with men again. Carter is also not interested in commitment and they agree to a short term fling while Carter is in town. Penny is shocked by her complete loss of control with Carter and tries to distance herself from him, while Carter senses Penny's fragility and realises he wants more than a fling.

This is a wonderfully crafted and emotional book. Natalie Anderson has created an amazingly complex heroine in Penny; her issues are not at all contrite yet she doesn't play the 'wounded woman' act, this makes her character feel very real. Penny's back story is very sad and this is written with sensitivity. As for Carter, let me just say that he is the perfect hero, strong and caring all-in-one package! The development of the relationship has a fantastic pace, and when the conflict came I was holding my breath for how it would be resolved. The ending does not let you down either.

Natalie's characters sparkle, the dialogue is fresh, the love-scenes are racy and there is the right amount of emotion to make this book have a powerful punch.

A great book.


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